Youth Programs

Youth Connection

Grande Cache Youth Connection Program mission statement: “To improve the cultural, social, education, economic and personal advancements of Grande Cache Youth.” The Mountain Métis believe that we have to focus on our youth, teaching them the traditions of our forefathers, so that our way of life can continue in the future.

The project has developed significantly by forming partnerships in programming with other community organizations during the past eleven years.

The following program services are provided for all youth who register; ages ten and up:

  • During and after school tutorial services within each partnership school.
  • Youth Council and group work (to promote a strengthened sense of respect toward self, others and community, set personal and group goals.)
  • Extra-curricular and recreational Activities: after school gym time, month end events (swimming, skating, planning.)
  • Cultural awareness: history, arts, crafts and presentations.
  • Elder and community guest speakers.
  • Provide out-of-town youth trips to attend career and post-secondary educational conferences.
  • Assist youth in applying for scholarships, educational grants and bursaries.
  • Provide mileage reimbursements for youth who reside on the cooperatives and enterprises to attend programming.
  • Host summer youth camps.