In December 1933, Adam Joachim was named as a Provincial Councillor for the Metis Nation of Alberta

Isaac Plante was named as a Provincial Councillor for the Metis Nation of Alberta in December 1933

Adam Joachim and Isaac Plante were leaders of the Mountain Métis.

These men were visionaries, and believed in the future of the Mountain Métis.

Our Constitutional Rights

“ Another Chapter in the Pursuit of Reconciliation and Redress…” A Summary of Daniels v. Canada at the Supreme Court of Canada

About This Document

This is a summary of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Daniels v. Canada,

2016 SCC 12 (“Daniels”).  It has been prepared for the Métis National Council (“MNC”) and its Governing Members.  It is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. It does not necessarily represent the views of the MNC or its Governing Members.

Who Was Involved in the Case?

The  representative  plaintiffs  were  well-known  Métis  leader  Harry  Daniels  (now deceased), Gabriel Daniels (Métis), Leah Gardner (a non-status Indian from Ontario), Terry Joudrey (a Mi’kmaq from Nova Scotia) and the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (the “Plaintiffs”).  The case was filed against the federal government as represented by the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (the “Respondent” or “Canada”).

At the Supreme Court of Canada, the MNC, Métis Settlements General Council and Gift Lake Métis Settlement intervened on behalf of the Métis Nation.  Groups such as the Assembly of First Nations and Chiefs of Ontario amongst others intervened on behalf of First Nations and non-status Indian groups.  Alberta and Saskatchewan also intervened.

What Did the Plaintiffs Ask For?

The Plaintiffs asked for three judicial declarations:

  1. that Métis and non-status Indians are in s. 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867;
  1. that the federal Crown owes a fiduciary duty to Métis and non-status Indians; and
  1. that Métis and non-status Indians have the right to be consulted and negotiated
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Mountain Metis Leaders, Adam Joachim and Isaac Plante were visionaries and became early Provincial Councillors for the Metis Nation of Alberta.

Our Mountain Métis forefathers were educated, knowlegable and well respected by early goverment officials, and the early leaders of Alberta's Eastern Slopes.

The Mountain Métis are the unsung heros who opened Canada, guiding the early explores to the Pacific.

“The Métis Nation was … crucial in ushering in western and northern Canada into Confederation and in increasing the wealth of the Canadian nation by opening up the prairies to agriculture and settlement. These developments could not have occurred without Métis intercession and legal presence.” —Daniels, para. 16 (citing Professor John Borrows)