The Mountain Métis believe that each member of our community is valued.

Many volunteer hours go into keeping the Mountain Métis Center a central place for community members.

Through our dedication and volunteer activities our organization is successful.

A significant amount of time and effort has been provided by the Council to develop and manage special programs and events to enhance our community.

Mountain Metis Programs

The Mountain Métis have an active society and run many programs for their community. Some of the programs are as follows:

∞ In-school tutorial & recreation
∞ Educational bursaries & grants
∞ Youth Council: Homework Connection
∞ Benevolence support
∞ Recognition of Community Elders
∞ Elders’ consultation meetings
∞ Métis Summer Youth Camp
∞ Cultural awareness programming
∞ Extra-curricular & recreational activities
∞ Aboriginal Youth Achievement Awards
∞ Annual Children’s Christmas Party
∞ Political gatherings & luncheons
∞ Community Christmas Dinner