The Mountain Métis aka Métis Nation of Alberta Local Council #1994 is an umbrella organization of the Metis Nation of Alberta. The organization is located at 3300 Pine Plaza Mall and is housed in a 3600 square foot community hall. Many community gatherings take place at the Mountain Métis Center. These include dances, weddings, funerals, political meetings, youth programs, birthdays, Christmas gatherings and more.

The Mountain Métis is operated with a Board of Directors. The current President is Alvin Findlay, a descendant of Jacco Findlay. Alvin’s grandfather Isadore Findlay was one of the household heads who were evicted from Jasper National Park in 1911.

The Mountain Métis Center strives to create a community spirit for those who come to the facility. Programs are geared for people from all walks of life.

The Mountain Métis Center is made up of of volunteers who fund raise in order to keep the organization viable. The Mountain Métis community is proud of it’s 200-year history in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The Métis were horseback people with a unique history, culture and traditions. The Mountain Métis Center is currently working to bring their story of the Canadian fur trade to the community, Province, Nation and world.