mountain metis

"In 1910, shortly after the boundaries of Jasper National Park had been established, J.J. Maclaggan came from Ottawa to buy out claims of residents who had homes in the Jasper area. The families included Lewis Swift, the four Moberlys: Ewan, John, Adolphus, William (Bill), as well as Isadore Findlay and Adam Joachim." (Quote from "Overland by the Yellowhead" by James MacGregor.)

All of the families evicted from Jasper were Métis and, in some cases, had inhabited the Athabasca Valley for close to a century. Many of these mixed bloods had legendary forefathers who were unsung heroes of the fur trade, some of which were Alberta's first businessmen known as free traders. They were of Indian, French and Scottish bloodlines. This is the story of the Mountain Métis, the first to arrive in Alberta and British Columbia. We share a historical account of the descendants of the fur trade who have over 200 years of wildlife and wilderness management on Alberta's eastern slopes.

There were many other Métis families who shared the Jasper story living in the area prior to 1907; however, the focus of this saga will be on the individuals who were forced to migrate from Jasper National Park in 1909 and 1910.