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Youth Programs:
Homework Connection

Grande Cache Homework Connection Program mission statement: “To improve the cultural, social, education, economic and personal advancements of Grande Cache Youth.” The Mountain Métis believe that we have to focus on our youth, teaching them the traditions of our forefathers, so that our way of life can continue to the future.

The Métis Local Council #1994 of Grande Cache (Mountain Métis) has successfully managed the Homework Connection Program since 2000 under the Métis Nation of Alberta, Canadian Heritage Grant Funding Authorities.

The project has developed significantly by forming partnerships in programming with other community organizations during the past eleven years.

In appreciation to the Government of Alberta – Justice and Attorney General, Safe Communities Innovation Fund, with special regard to Mr. Robin Campbell, MLA for the West Yellowed, the project has been successful in attaining funding to operate to March 2013.

The following program services are provided for all youth who register into the program ages ten and up within up to four Grande Cache community partnership schools:

Programming is provided at no costs to the schools or participants. Leah Belcourt-McLane is the Program Co-ordinator and can be contacted at: 780-827-2397.

Our rights are protected under Canada's Constitution.