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Industry, the Canadian and Alberta governments have been slow to recognize and consult with the Mountain Métis. Much work needs to be done in establishing a meaningful connection with the industry sector and various levels of government.

The Mountain Métis are committed to opening up a dialogue with industry and government in order to have meaningful consultation. By nature, the Mountain Métis have been businessmen and have over 200 years in land management expertise. Consultation is critical in order to come up with effective land management plans.

Further consultation between the Canadian Federal Government is also needed. Not only were the Mountain Métis forced from their traditional lands, but they were not even invited to the Jasper Centennial in 2007. Whether this lack of acknowledgement was deliberate or accidental is unknown. The Mountain Métis wish to look to a more meaningful dialogue with Parks Canada over the next one hundred years.

The Alberta Government, by the same token, has been slow to recognize the Mountain Métis. MLA Robin Campbell has been instrumental in helping to address years of neglect by bringing the plight of the Mountain Métis community to the Alberta Government's attention. We are most hopeful as a result of this change in attitude.


Our rights are protected under Canada's Constitution.