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Charlen Friesen - 14 years & Morgan Friesen - 16 Years

Alison Redford speaks with Kindra Hallock (left).

Aison Redford makes a good impression on the Metis Youth

Mountain Metis Elder Walter Delorme enjoys the Premier's Dinner

Metis Youth learn about the democratic process and the vision that Premier Redford has for Alberta.

Alison Redform meets the Mountain Metis Elders.

Supporting Our Leadership

       Alvin Findlay, Premier Alison Redford & Bazil Leoanrd

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On Wednesday March 28, 2012 eight Mountain Metis Youth and Elders travelled to Hinton to the Premier's Dinner. Two of the youth wrote their thoughts on the vent below:

The Premier's Dinner was a positive night. I didn't know what she really wants for us Albertan's, to make Alberta a better place to be and living more affordable for families. I really enjoyed the night and if another an opportunity like this came I would really like to be a part of the event and hear what more people had to say about Alberta and how they want to make Alberta special and different.

                       :by Charlene Friesen - 14 years old

The Premier’s dinner was an awesome night. I didn’t know much about Alison Redford and found out that she is a positive and ambitious woman, with great thoughts for the future. I really liked to hear her speech. I found it interesting. If one of these nights were to happen again, I would like to go again. I found everything to be interesting and a great idea. It was awesome.

                        :by Morgan Friesen – 16 years old.

When I went to the Premier's dinner I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I loved it when I got my picture taken with her. I learned so much on where all the money goes and the things she wants to do as Premier of this Province. I also got to meet our MLA representative. If another dinner happens I would love to go again because, I learned a lot. I still know that there is alot to learn. Thank you, Alvin Findlay for choosing me for this special event.  

                        :by Kindra Hallock – 17years old.